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RE-Talk Indonesia: Indonesia's Webinar Recap and Key Takeaways

Market update:

  • Utility-scale solar commissioned in 2019 in Indonesia shows a three-fold increase from 2018, with current installed capacity at 152MW

  • In order to achieve universal access to electricity, motion is in the draft for island electrification to replace diesel gen-sets with clean energy.

  • PLN opens up for new renewable projects, with 8-10 tenders launched in early 2020 (unsolicited, no auction plan yet)

  • Presidential regulation to offer FiT for the small-scale solar project (<10 MW in capacity)

  • 5% of dam area is permitted to use for floating solar

  • Rooftop solar is getting the heat, especially for C&I customers

Investment Climate:

  • BOO Now, instead of BOOT

  • Falling technology cost enables the solar project to get closer to reach economies

  • Land availability mostly will be prepared by the Gov in Future


Challenges Remain:

  • Vulnerable T&D system posts a threat to renewable integration

  • No amendments so far on the local content requirement

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​Zoey Zhu

Programme & Speaker enquiries

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Fabby Tumiwa

Executive Director


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Salman Baray

Country Director, Indonesia

ACWA Power

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