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Our Partners

Leader Associates is delighted to welcome our Association, Supporting and Media Partners - who share our same commitment and passion to accelerate the clean energy transition. Our achievements have been made possible thanks to the many partners we have worked with over the last 7 years.

Association Partners


Eurogas is an association of 63 companies. Our members cover gas wholesale, retail and distribution, along with companies manufacturing equipment and providing innovative solutions for services, like blending and methane emissions management.

The purpose of Eurogas is to accelerate the transition to carbon neutrality through dialogue and advocacy about optimising the use of gas and gaseous fuels.


Clean Hydrogen Partnership

The Clean Hydrogen Partnership (as per its legal name Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking) is a unique public private partnership supporting research and innovation (R&I) activities in hydrogen technologies in Europe.

Its aim is to strengthen and integrate EU scientific capacity, in order to accelerate the development and improvement of advanced clean hydrogen applications.

Women in Green Hydrogen

Women in Green Hydrogen is a network of passionate women working in the green hydrogen sector. Our vision is to increase the visibility and amplify the voices of women working in green hydrogen.

We provide a platform to connect, empower, and change.

Ammonia Energy Association

The Ammonia Energy Association (AEA) is a global non-profit industry association that promotes the responsible use of ammonia in a sustainable energy economy.

The AEA’s mission encompasses both the decarbonization of ammonia for existing applications, including fertilizers, chemicals, explosives, and other industrial processes, as well as the adoption of low-carbon ammonia in new applications, including direct use as a fuel for electric power generation or maritime transport, and indirect use as a hydrogen carrier and carbon-free energy commodity.

Supporting Partners


Partnerships that make everything possible.

If your organisation is passionate about accelerating the clean energy transition, we'd love to discuss if we can work together.

Director of Marketing, Communications & Operation

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