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The development of renewable energy in Indonesia has stalled in recent years, especially wind and solar PV power. By the end of 2018, cumulative installed solar and wind capacity in Indonesia just reached 136MW, which is at a relatively low level compared with other Southeast Asian countries. It is a recognized fact that 2019 was the year of Vietnam’s renewable energy explosion, with a new solar installed capacity of about 5GW. Besides, Thailand also has installed 3788MW of wind and solar power by the end of 2018. The Philippines, which is similar to Indonesia, has deployed 1313MW of total capacity for wind and solar energy. The stagnation of Indonesia’s renewable energy growth is due to many factors, but the government will release a series of favorable policies for renewables. Therefore, the renewable energy market in Indonesia will maybe usher in explosive development in 2020.


This paper mainly focuses on Indonesian solar PV power, wind energy, and small Hydro-power. Firstly, this report will talk about the reasons for the slow development of the renewable energy market in Indonesia in the past few years. Then the status of the country’s renewable energy will be further discussed. Afterward, this paper will share deep insights into policies and future outlook on renewable energy. Last but not least, this report will provide an investment recommendation for the current situation of Indonesian renewables.

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