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A Crucial Market of Unlimited Potential

A Crucial Market of Unlimited Potential

Put forth the target of 20% renewable generation by 2030, South Korea will have 15+GW to go to realize it. With the strong driving force, South Korea ranked world top in the in operation and under construction capacity of offshore wind in 2019 with the target to go 8.19 GW in around 5 years. Floating wind will be a hot spot. Meanwhile, onshore wind is also developing as scheduled smoothly with a more matured business model.
Face such a huge market, it is time to be familiar with the policy and learn from experts with practical experience.

Talking Points:

  • Government’s Long-term Electricity Plan (including the 9th BPE Draft) and its implication

  • Onshore Wind Market Overview, Analysis, Potential and Challenges

  • Offshore Wind Future with Practical Floating Offshore Experience


A Crucial Market of Unlimited Potential

1 June 2020 at 11:30:00 am

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