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White Paper: Generation within a Treasury of Wind                                   -Wind Market in Japan

As far as Japanese wind energy market, the new installation capacity of wind was 261MW on 17 project sites, surveyed by the Japanese Wind Power Association (JWPA). There were no new offshore wind turbines starting operation in Japan in 2018. The Japanese government expects to put more than 1.5GW of new offshore wind power in operation at more than 5 sea area by 2030, along with the latest offshore wind promotion law promulgated on 7th December. Furthermore, the JWPA has plans to increase wind power capacity to 36GW in total by 2030, consisting 27GW onshore, 6GW fixed offshore and 4GW floating offshore.


In this report, a current situation of wind energy market in Japan is discussed first, involving the potential wind capacity, the current capacity of both onshore and offshore and the impact of social demand. Then, the relevant policies are provided, especially the national energy plan, the Japanese power market, incentives on wind projects and so on. Some investment information apart from government financial support is also given later. The Projects section is aimed to show a layout of wind energy construction and operation around Japan. Last but not least, a future sight of offshore wind is mentioned due to a positive attitude from the Japanese government, accompanied with its advantages and several cases.